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-Eight Stained Clues (Creepypasta fanfiction) Status: In process. Final Chapter (written version) submitted. Chapters 2 and 4 are interactive short games. ESC Final Chapter will have an interactive part too.

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20, red-haired, blue-eyed, pale, slightly chubby, she's got a mole on her left cheek, close to her nose. Wearing a blue pajamas when last seen. Disappeared in the night of October, the 31st. If you see her, call the following number: 555-1128. Goes by the name of Dalia Herrero.

Edit: my save file went to waste and I must start ALL OVER AGAIN!!


I read about this challenge months ago and even a comic based on it, but I never thought of doing it for real… but this may change.

I’m downloading the Platinum version (I wanted to use Ruby, but it gave me a malware warning :S), so I’ll be able to record my progress using the Desmume emulator option. Also, I’ll be commenting in English, so that people understand what I’m saying. If my pronunciation isn’t clear, I’ll have to add subtitles ^^;

So… which rules will I follow?

The core ones:

-Of course, releasing any Pokémon which faints. Won’t apply in the first rival battle if I only have one Pokémon, as that would be a Black out (read the next point.)

-Blacking out = Game Over. I won’t use Badges as checkpoints.

-Catching the first Pokémon from every area. Each cave’s floor will count as an area. However, I’ll add a modification of this rule, for the sake of variety: if the first Pokémon that appears is already caught, I’ll defeat it and keep trying until a new Pokémon comes out. Automatic battles won’t count (I can’t remember if there were any in Platinum, but I know that in Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald there was a battle against a Zigzagoon or a Poochiena.) This will start counting after I get Poké Balls.

-If the wild Pokémon faints… well, I won’t catch any Pokémon at that area.

-I will nickname my Pokémon, something I had never done before.

-I won’t trade Pokémon with NPCs (it’s impossible with players, lol.) Still, I’ll accept those given to me freely.


Extra rules:

-I will only catch Giratina from all the legendary Pokémon. I’ll defeat the others.

-I will use artificial healing items, but only in battles. I’ll be using the Pokémon Center as well.

-The only held items I’ll use will be non-artificial things except for the amulet which doubles the money you earn and Exp share. For example, Berries, Leftovers, Lucky Egg and Shell Bell will be allowed, but things like Choice Scarf, Metal Coat, Silk Scarf or Soothe Bell won’t.

-If I find a Shiny Pokémon (hahahaha, like that will happen), it’ll act as a special Pokémon as the Bulbapedia says: it won’t be released if defeated and won’t count as a first encounter; I'll be able to catch it.

-If I can’t keep going through a place because I need a field move and none of my Pokémon can learn it, I’ll catch a Pokémon which can, use it to continue and release it whenever I catch a Pokémon following the third rule. I won’t use it battles. If I’m forced to because all my Pokémon have fainted but that one, I’ll consider it as a Game Over.

-I will evolve Pokémon and use the Take Care.

My adventure would end whenever I won the Pokémon League.

Many of these rules can be found in Bulbapedia.

As I said, I’d record myself since drawing a comic is not a possibility for me. I’ll upload the videos on Youtube in my secondary account, named as my dA account without the hyphen.

I’ll start today, when I see that the ROM works. I haven’t stablished a strict length for the episodes, but no more than an hour for sure; it’d be boring otherwise.

Whether you watch me sufferi- oups, I mean playing or not… wish me luck! :D


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´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶´¶¶´¶¶ ¶´´


Illuminarium by overseer

I've seen some other images of planets and space views, but this is by far one of the best ones I've found. It's clear that you've spen...

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