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-Eight Stained Clues (Creepypasta fanfiction) Status: In process. Final Chapter (written version) submitted. Chapters 2 and 4 are interactive short games. ESC Final Chapter will have an interactive part too.

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Sketch - Aerial dressed up as SCP-049 by Lagoon-Sadnes
Sketch - Aerial dressed up as SCP-049
I have to fix some things when I color it... but this is the overall idea. (The rosary is just an addition I liked.)

Backstory: Aer' and her friends hanged out to have fun at Halloween's day. Lixena invited them to a party, which lasted until 0:00, moment to go out to ask for candy. When that moment came... Lixena showed her real intentions: she used her goddess power to make them faint and switch their minds and personality for the one of the character they were dressed up as, with the character's powers still keeping theirs. She wanted the group to kill the angels that bothered her and the humans who helped those...

Aerial was SCP-049, so... she killed people with the lethal touch... to proceed to turn the victims into zombie-like creatures. If they tried to escape, she simply used her shadow to catch them. If they hid, she searched for them scanning the area with Soul power. Sooo... no escape ._.U Thanks, Lixena ¬¬ I couldn't go out home that night knowing 049 and Jason were around.

Aerial © Me

I don't own SCP-049 or the videogame SCP containment breach

Eight Stained Clues – Final Chapter: a new chapter of my life

(Part 2)

When I opened my eyes, the world around me made me shiver, even after having visited it so many times. I tried to breathe, but I remembered it was impossible; I felt cold when my bare foot touched the land, although temperature was non-existent either. That place was so sad… It was like getting inside an old movie, a mute one from before color TV and cameras were invented: all monochromatic, with the exception or purple hues, and silent. I didn’t hear voices, I didn’t feel the breeze or the light of the sun, as there wasn’t light either… I lifted my eyes to the sky, pitch black with moving, thin grey “glitch” motives several meters above my head. Those weren’t clouds; that was unthinkable. When I took some steps on the grassy field, I perceived the grass but did not hear that soft sound of stepping. I always felt as if a small knife was piercing in my soul when I got there, hence I tried to avoid it unless my injuries didn’t give me another option. Dhorenthz had created a plane that was a mirror of his own soul, a place to stay with his minions out of our grasp. We could access that world too, but we Shadow Slayers preferred staying in the human plane for obvious reasons. It was so different from the human world… or maybe not, in some way.

I had a look at myself and growled. Each Shadow Being (and Slayers too, by definition) had its own real form, which was revealed in that plane. The human aspect was that one we all had to stay among humans without them noticing we weren’t one of them… However, since everyone left his or her body behind when getting into the plane, the soul was the only thing allowed, thus we always showed our real nature, our real aspect. We could switch whenever we wanted after dominating our Shadow Self while in the human world, but we Shadow Slayers liked staying in human form, among other reasons because it remembered us that we still kept our humanity, or part of it at least. Each Being had its unique form and I wasn’t an exception. My outfit was simple: I was wearing an old, dark grey dress which covered my shoulders and reached my knees, with a few scratches that revealed part of my white skin and torn at its edges. I was barefoot and I wasn’t wearing my hairpin or my necklace; only that dress. My eyes were sewed, yet I could fully open them, the skin and the muscles of my hands and wrists had fallen off and the bones were showing without bleeding and my feet were fusing with my shadows, so they were completely black but gradually turning to white upwards. Only my eyes had their color intact, yet they glowed slightly. I looked at my bony hands with an impassive face, thoughtful… My real self… That was me, the real Angela Schatten. I looked up and sighed. I looked like the Grim Reaper, very similar to my mother’s form. It was like a kind of sick joke from destiny, considering that death had been walking with me, almost taking my hand while slashing those I loved and those I hated alike.

I lowered my eyes and walked straight to the point where I perceived Dhorenthz’s soul. “It’s time…”

While crossing the land, a thought came to my mind. Dhorenthz had taken all my partners as prisoners, but he could have simply killed Zalgo and finish the war. Why? Why did he only kidnap my friends? “Well… it’s clear he wanted me to come…”, I murmured, yet it was reduced to the moves of my lips. Why didn’t he kill me? He could have done so at that moment if he had wished to. I opened my eyes a bit when I had that idea. “If he had wished to…”, I repeated. Of course, he didn’t want to. We wanted me to go to the Reflection Plane, obviously alone. I, knowing the risk, went there. But what for? To kill me easier? No, because he could have done that earlier, when I was younger. “He didn’t kill me… because… because… he needs me.”, at that moment, I froze. It sounded like an insane idea, but what if I was right? Also, I heard a Shadow Being referring to me as “weapon” when they brought me to the room where he was waiting. A weapon… What would Dhorenthz need me for? I wasn’t so strong and he controlled more elements than I could. Why a weapon? And why me? “I guess… there’s only one way to find out.”

I reached one of the many cities that the Pillar –just another way to call the current boss of the Shadow Beings- had created for his fellow minions. Since there was no air, no one could speak; however, communication was possible thanks to the thoughts. We were connected to Dhorenthz because of the changes we suffered in our souls and the fact that he was who we “owed” our existence to, so we were connected to each other and we were able to hear others’ thoughts, nonetheless only the ones we wanted to share. Fortunately, that only worked in that plane… Even still, I’d have loved to have a switch to turn those words off or keep them out of my mind… I usually took another way that didn’t implied going through a city, but it was often unavoidable… and that time was one of those. The cities looked pretty much like the ones from the human world, with the difference that nobody had cars or radios or TV’s or any way of transport or communication and no ads of any kind. There wasn’t any food or drink either; there was no need for that. The “inhabitants” of the cities were Shadow Beings and Shadow Selves, being the latter ones more numerous by far than the first ones. There was a Shadow Self per non-converted person in the world, no matter its age, condition or gender. Their thoughts didn’t differ much from the complete ones…

“Oooh, that woman has got such a nice butt… I’ll follow her until her house. Come here, little boy, I’ll give you sweets… Damn, I’d so fuck that child’s ass… Arg, I’ll kill him as soon as no one’s watching… Mmm, his meat smells so well… I wonder how it’ll taste if I fried him. I’ve got my meal~… Eugh, I must remember shaving cats and hamsters before eating… Ah~ Yes~ I knew this corpse had it hard enough~. Mmm~, and it’s still warm~… I’ll burn this orphanage at once. I’m fed up of burying children one by one… Hm, I wanna try fucking with a horse today… Don’t hide, my dear guy! I’ll get to your crotch, whether you want or not! And you’d better scream! Ah, I found you~…  Oh, boy, my first orgy~ I’m so excited~… I’ll have meat and bones for a week after I finish this… If they don’t come with the money, I’ll throw him to the river…”

I growled to not hear those “voices”. It became as annoying as my Shadow Self when it suggested me banging any man I saw. At least I was “lucky” that she only suggested with alive humans. “Can’t you shut up for a moment?!”, I said, but the thoughts were so loud that mine drowned immediately. I covered my face and walked among the crowd that turned their faces to me, confused. They never recognized me as a Shadow Slayer for some reason, but I wasn’t going to waste time wondering about that. I had people to save and

A strong pain in my chest made me stop moving and let out a mute yell. I knelt and bowed my head and body while holding it. No blood came from it, my mouth or ears, but it hurt as hell, like an actual wound. “W… Wha…?”, I couldn’t even talk for the next ten seconds, moment when the pain started to fade. I felt empty, with despair, filled with fear and sadness… and then, nothing. I was back to normal. I blinked at checked if I was ok. “Nothing… I’m ok. What was that?”, I murmured worried. “And why do I have this bad feeling from the morning again?”, I kept the tears that had formed in my eyes and shook my head. “No time for pauses. I must keep going.”, I looked up and lifted my body. At least, I could fly while in that form. There had to be an advantage, hadn’t it?

That made the way much faster and easier, not only because my speed was increased, but also the voices were faint from that height. I breathed a sigh while trying to spot the location of Dhorenthz’s soul in that enormous zone. Finally, after several minutes of scanning and searching, I spotted it at the top of a lifeless mountain, of the highest one more exactly; nevertheless, it wasn’t a big deal for me in that form. It took me a while to get there, but when I did, I noticed something… “What’s that?”, I got closer to it and had a look.

It was a small pillar with a kind of orb. Inside it, there was an insanely huge amount of energy, a type that was used as a boost. I blinked surprised: what was that thing doing there? “A boost… What?”, I perceived it didn’t have anything inside. “It isn’t boosting anythi-”, I covered my mouth. Of course… “It’s for me…”, I looked down at the orb again. “He wants to… boost my power… and use me as a weapon…”, I took some steps away. “He wants to use my Soul and Shadow powers…”, I put my hand down slowly at the instant I realized the last part. “… He wants to use me… to finish creating his empire. With a Soul user, he can get into someone’s soul and convert it with a 100% success rate. He wants to change… every human. And it must be me… and only me…”, I felt an uncontrollable rage and I bowed my head as I gritted my teeth, “because I’m the Last Rebel. Using the last Shadow Slayer to fulfill his goal… A perfect victory… How twisted.

You found out…

I turned around and stared at the expected visitor. His Real form was a big black wolf with grey line-like segments and symbols on its fur, as tall as I was, with purple eyes looking straight to mine, sharp white teeth and claws and a coal shackle on its front left leg. It also had horns on its head… A demonic wolf… Quite what I had expected of him. He was growling, bowed and ready to pounce at any moment. “You are right… my Weapon.

Your weapon?”, shadows came out of my body like flowing honey, “No, Dhorenthz… I’m an executioner…”, I put a hand on the ground and multiple shadows emerged at once around me, “and the crowd is begging for your head.

Shadow branches dashed towards my opponent, who dodged them by jumping with ease. He sprung and jumped trying to enclose me among his legs, but I moved on a side and he landed on the rock that was on my left. I made a hammer and performed a few hammer blows, all of them missing or smashing the spiky stones around us. Then, Dhorenthz summoned light spears, which I deflected hitting with said weapon and, afterwards, I hit the ground to summon more shadows forming a cage. Unfortunately, Dhorenthz was too fast and he managed to get out before it was complete and he got the chance to push me. I rolled a bit and tried to stand up again; he stomped on me with its paws and claws and a growl that slipped into my thoughts. I gathered some Soul and made a pulse that threw him far for me before he scratched me more and started biting, which gave me some time to get on my feet and make an axe. He recovered fast and shot some more spears that I dodged by inches and used my item to stop the upcoming bite. He pushed fiercely, same as I did, but he had created a rock behind me and he hit my head with it. The wolf pushed me again, this time against the wall of stone he had made in a second, and obliged me to lie down facing the dusty ground with a paw on my head. I struggled without success… He was heavy and physically stronger, and anyway it didn’t make me stop trying either way. I perceived he was smelling me… and then he growled again, pissed. “You’ve been profaned… but it’s ok…

I roared in my thoughts and released more shadows from inside as spikes that damaged his nose and one of his paws. He landed on his left side with what would have been a loud slam and used a rock hand to be back on his four. After that, he created both rocks and light lances to counterattack my shadow spikes and my soul spheres. He could stop the shadow weapons with ease, but the soul attacks moved through the “matter” and were about to hit their target… Sadly for me, Dhreotnhz was fast enough to dodge. I buffed and spread more shadows in the rocky surface, in hope that I could catch him in a few moves. He didn’t see the black lines that were drawn below our feet, as he was too busy caring about the swords I had made. The blades got stuck as the big wolf blocked them with ice shields; the hammers were destroyed by rock fists; the animal’s growl kept drilling my mind, same as mine to his. At a point, he summoned a bunch of rocks, some to hide behind and others to distract me in a –vane - attempt to approach to me. I stayed as neutral as I could, keeping the urge of releasing the trap. While he followed said path, I dodged jumping on strategic points and breaking the projectiles with shadows; it was getting harder, as I was feeling more and more tired, but I perceived he was attacking slower too. I took in a breath and sunk the scythe in the surface, which released more shadows that spread under the animal’s confused eyes. After that, purple mist was surrounding us as the black circle started to produce waves and little spikes and act more randomly. Dhorenthz tapped the ground with a paw to create a few rock pillars and watched me from up there. Fool…

I closed my fist with a grin and my eyes glowing a bit brighter. I released the black lines I had drawn earlier, which were actual long double saws. The pillars were cut into pieces as if they were mere butter heaps and the big wolf was swallowed into the shadow pool I made... Unfortunately, the second part, performed by the saws, didn’t work so well, as he managed to cover his body with a thin layer of rocks that protected him from almost all the damage, as well as shattering my weapons with a white blast of burning light shot from his mouth. I could teleport myself, yet not soon enough: my left hand had been burnt a bit. Nothing to worry too much thanks to the fact I was at the Reflection Plane, but I wouldn’t be able to use that hand for a while… “I was too slow… Pay attention, Aerial!

Angela… You’re a strange Shadow Slayer. You’ve been killing humans since you were very young, but then you managed to shut your Shadow Self’s voice and even overcome her without any kind of training. Even after losing everything you loved, you still resist, you can still smile, your sanity and humanity remains, you stand against me… Why do you keep fighting for something you will eventual and irremediably lose?”, he produced a light explosion at the moment he finished the question; it didn’t work, though, as I wrapped myself with a black sphere. The pressure of the attack was huge, nonetheless, enough to push me almost a meter.

I coughed before answering. “Because… I’m as tough as my father, as stubborn as my mother and there’ve been people supporting and teaching me. As simple as that. I know that there’s a bright future far, further from my eyesight’s reach, but I have to swim into poisoned seas first. I haven’t got any clue of this; it’s… a belief... sort of.”, I cackled lowly with a sad smile, “In the end, he could revive faith in me, in some way…”, I thought at the same time that some purple energy started to grow and get thicker, “I doubt you understand… You’ve never lived those experiences. All your empire is built on pillars of sand... awaiting for a wave to erase its futile existence. Your minions will never let you down because they have no choice, no freedom.”, he didn’t answer; only a stare came from my foe, a silent, serious death stare. “Tell me, have they ever thanked you? Have they ever smiled to you sincerely? Yes, because they had no will. You’re like a kid playing with dolls… A King of Nothing…”, more shadows came out of my body; meanwhile, Dhorenthz’s body was getting brighter and brighter. “En la nada has vivido, en la nada morirás y a la nada te reducirás…”  [You’ve lived in nothingness, you’ll die in nothingness and to nothingness you’ll be reduced….]

Dhorenthz’s pupils shrunk as a loud and piercing yell drilled in my head once more, albeit this time it was accompanied by a triple light beam from three giant spheres. I kept calm and simply created three shadow walls. I thought that would be enough… and it was, although I witnessed two of them giving in and the third one being close to. I blinked… He wasn’t supposed to do that; light was an element he wasn’t able to use with such skill… Dhorenthz’s potential seemed to grow each second we spent there. That detail would make everything harder, but victory more satisfying…

Right after the beam faded, I saw the claws of the wolf right in front of my face, too late to avoid it. One of the claws grazed my right eye and cut my cheek whereas the other one made a deeper cut near my mouth’s corner and damaged my left eye’s eyelid –but not the eye itself, fortunately. He pushed me back to the ground again and trapped me with rock chains and shackles. His sharp teeth were showing as he stared at my opened eye, same as I was doing towards him. We both were growling and exchanging hateful stares… like the two beasts we were. I was tired, probably more than he was and I needed to end the battle soon. But how? “What can I do? He’s too strong for me…”, I thought desperate. Nothing I did seemed to work. I needed to reach his soul… Otherwise, it would be impossible.

Hold on…

Once you finish your duty, I’ll have your vessel as my favorite doll…”, Dhorenthz made a kind of grin while the lustful thoughts passed in front of his eyes.

I see…”, I pushed him with shadow fists and created others to break my shackles. I stood up a bit clumsily at the same time he started talking once again.

Nobody can escape their destiny…, he ran as fast as he could.

I know of someone who disagrees…”, I sighed and performed the most suicidal tactic I had never done.

When Dhorenthz pounced on me after summoning a bunch of light beams and rocks, I put my right hand on my chest and took my soul out of my “body”, to put it in front of me when the attacks were about two meters away from me. When the wolf saw that, he made a gasp-like sound and surrounded me with rocks in order to protect me of the light beams and the other attacks, after which I noticed he collided against the barrier he had just created. At that instant, I threw a Soul hook directly to his body. “Where is it? Where is it?!”, I looked for the purple source very anxious. He was getting on his four again, I needed to be faster. “Come on, come on!”, I murmured in my mind.


I pulled the chain and brought Dhorenthz’s soul to my hand. I gripped it with a shadow claw, which made him flinch and let out a shriek after another. Once he stopped moving, I approached to the pillar in which the orb floated. “This is what he wanted me to use to eradicate humans… but I bet I can use it to find Shadow Beings.

You…”, I shut him up by clawing his soul softly.

I focused my attention on the orb between my hands. My Soul power flowed inside it and connected my soul with it. All of a sudden, I felt a burst of power that would have sucked the air of my lungs if I had been at the real world. It was a source of such an immense power level that I wouldn’t be able to keep for long on its entirety; I had to ration it so that it didn’t destroy me. I was shocked by such power source: when did he got it, and where? “Well, let’s see…”, I looked up and let my soul stretch out and fly towards the real world and above the Shadow Beings and Shadow Selves at that plane. I counted them as they were within my range… There were so many, more than I could have imagined. Millions… There were millions! They were all around the world… I opened my eyes and spoke to all those beings that were connected to my soul and Dhorenthz’s. My voice sounded dark, grim terrifying, like a reaper’s. “Los rebeldes ganan…”. [Rebels win.] A purple ray was shot and divided into millions of smaller parts. Each bit travelled between the two planes until they found their target and shattered their source of life. I heard each agonizing shout, each corpse falling on the ground and their lives fading like smoke in a windy day. I smiled as I counted the number of Shadow Beings and Selves decreasing at high speed...

I didn’t know long it took; like it mattered. The war was over and I had won. The suffering had ended… I was free! “I’m free… finally…”, I smiled wider feeling my heart beating faster. “Wait, will I be able to see how’s Mexhor doing?

I heard Dhorenthz was saying something, although I didn’t pay attention. I searched for his soul throughout the realms and planes of existence. At first I didn’t find anything… then I looked at other places and didn’t perceive him either. I started to worry… “Where are you?”, I murmured as I kept searching. Then, in a flash, I felt a pain on my chest, just like when I was looking for Dhorenthz, but that time I perceived as if my soul was fading… and back to normal. I had found a little trace of his soul that was vanishing... I panicked for a moment… It took me a couple of seconds to “see” what had happened: he had been skewered… right in the chest… and… and…

“Died…”, I looked up, paralyzed. I didn’t want to believe it… I couldn’t! “He… died…”, I repeat that sentence again while my legs lost their strength and I fell on the floor. My eyesight blurred as tears married the blood on my hands. “Mexhor… died… in that assault…”

I told you… that you wouldn’t like what you’d see…”, Dhorenthz grinned and coughed hard. I didn’t react to his words; I was there, sitting motionless like a ragdoll…

The orb shone brighter and brighter; then, it shook slowly; and then, it creaked. Finally, it shone so bright that looked like a tiny white sun before exploding in multiple pieces, to disintegrate and not leave traces of its existence. The wolf was astonished of watching such item being destroyed without hesitation. I bowed my head and stood up, tumbling a bit and sobbing quietly while wiping the tears with the back of my right hand. The power coming from the orb I had borrowed disappeared quickly, along with my will to end my job.

What… will you… d-do… now…? Kill me?

There must be a Pillar, so that the Reflection Plane doesn’t fall and destroy itself. My father’s documents clearly state that the death of the Pillar and the lack of an heir or heiress would result into its destruction and the death of Shadow Beings, Shadow Selves and Slayers alike. If I let another Shadow Being take your place, my effort would mean nothing. So… I’m obliged to take your place and become the Pillar. However, I’ll reject the inherited dons except for the ability of linking planes. I’ll also block the entrance to any Shadow Being. I’ll be the Pillar only on the paper…

Such a waste… of power…

I don’t need it…”, I tilted my head a bit and a faint mischievous smile was drawn. “but I want a companion in my journey. There are exactly five hundred Shadow Beings which have escaped my execution’s grasp. They’re at another worlds and could spread this disease… I need to find them and… a bodyguard would be great.

N… No!”, his eyes opened widely and he tried to get on his legs again, yet he flinched again when I gripped his soul tighter.

In the end, I will be the one ending with a perfect score…

My shadow got inside his soul and started to damage him. His thoughts filled with roars of pain and yells accompanied by the wolf itself convulsing and attacking randomly in a poor attempt to stop me. Then, my Soul power dove into the core and started erasing Dhorenthz’s personality, taking what I didn’t need and leaving only what interested me. It was like playing a piece of piano: it required attention and care to not press the wrong key and interrupt the heavenly music. A mistake and the magic vanished...

Stop moving. It’s almost over…

Dhorenthz crawled towards my feet with his eyes closed. He could barely talk at an audible volume and his body was almost dead. He was clinging to the last remnants of he that resisted. “I knew that you would come back… but you… you surpassed my expectation. Ah, you would have been a… great heiress… as well as… the children you would have given birth…

I gripped the soul for a last time. “Silencio…” [Silence...]

I sighed and turned more serious. “Devuélveme a mis compañeros.”, I ordered, command he accomplished immediately. [Give me my partners back.] The souls floated around me, all of them shining with happiness for my victory. I opened a portal to reality for them and told them to go back and not wait for me. “I… just need to be alone… Please.

They seem to hesitate, but finally left the Reflection Plane. Once I made sure everyone was fine, I closed the portal, gathered all my strength and let out the loudest yell of my life be heard in a long distance. I went down to my knees yelling again and started to cry desperately. I couldn’t keep it anymore… “You promised you’d come back! You promised you’d be careful! YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD SURVIVE!! THAT WOULD STAY WITH ME!!”, I yelled again scratching my face so hard that it bled. “This can’t be happening… NO, NO! MEXHOR…!”, I lied down on the grey surface and cried hiding my face between my arms and under my hair. I rejected it… I didn’t accept it…


*Seven days later*

“It’s just like the time we came here…”

I took my boots off and approached to the murmuring sea with my eyes closed. Memories played in my mind at each step I took: swimming, having a walk along the shore while chatting, laughing, going to the restaurant at the edge of the beach… while holding his hand. I opened my eyes again and looked at the vast indigo ocean. Clenching my fists, I put my feet into the water and kept walking deeper until my ankles were under the pristine sea. I remembered of the moment that he was about to drown, when Roby and Lasno managed to rescue him and I saved him with first-aid techniques. I was so afraid that I could have lost him… I couldn’t help but imagine what it would have been if we hadn’t been able to help him and he had died. At that moment, the day I went back to that beach of our first holidays, I answered my own question. I sobbed and bowed my head, just before breaking down and falling to my knees as I let out another shout like previous days. I covered my face, let the pain flow along with my tears, yelled so loud that my throat hurt and felt a lump that grew faster and choked my breath. The soothing sea caressed my legs and arms in a weak attempt to calm me down. Nothing could repair my broken soul.

How could I be repaired? I had lost the person that had changed my life and had saved me from the prison my own pain and fears had built. The metal fist that smashed the thick bricks and took me out of the dark room would never come back; so would happen with my heart. Those wounds would never heal; not even time was powerful enough to erase… The thorns stretched each day that passed and bled me out from the inside... I knew that he wouldn’t like me to feel like that, but, even if I had ordered myself not to give in, I knew that was a promise I wouldn’t be capable of keeping. The roses, the wind, the metal, the silver moon… Everything reminded of him… Nature seemed to whisper his name and the night starry sky showed me the worlds that he wanted to visit with me. He wanted to live with me in another place, live a normal life, in a big house and possibly with children, like I had always wished. Again, just like twelve years ago, destiny stole my possibility to achieve my dreams.

“Oh~, how sad~ Still crying for your metal weirdo~?”

No, not you again…!”, I faced the ghost bitch behind me. “I’m not in the mood for a pointless fight now…

Blitz simply grinned and guffawed. “Oh, no, I come here to end what I left undone that night!”, she zapped and grabbed my face, after which she slammed me on the ground and kicked my stomach. “Defend yourself!! Ha,ha! Oooh, why aren’t you moving~?”

“Gah…”, she stomped my head several times, as well as my back. Each time I tried to move, she kicked or electrocuted me while laughing and mocking me. She was making fun of the death of a person… of half of me… “You prefer not playing fair… huh?”

“Fair game is for dummies! The only important thing is… WINNING!”, she punched me with an electrified fist… but her attack landed on the sand. “Uh? Oh, now you’re getting serious~. That’s more I like it! The game begins!”

“No, the game is already over…”, I  gripped her right leg with her own shadow and bent it by its midpoint. The crack was followed by a yell of pain, and then the other leg was broken too the same way. She perceived I was behind her, but when she turned around, she realized I had disappeared and… “WHAT?!”, she looked down, where my hands were. Just when she blinked, I was gone once again. “Stop playing hide and seek!”

And so I did. The shades of the trees and the shadows of the objects nearby grabbed her just before I dashed completely transformed into shadows and dug a hand wrapped with Soul inside her body, then lifted her and her screams began. She was seeing my Shadow Being form and was horrified at my real’s aspect sight. I enjoyed the delicious fear reflected in her dull eyes… I approached her until our faces were close enough for her to feel my breath on her skin.

Claire Mitchell…”, I took a breath and growled, “I've put up with your game... and even taken part in it for many months... However, I'm tired. I don't want to keep wasting my time... neither fighting you nor hearing your nonsenses. You've hurt a lot of people of this world... You've laughed of me, of my suffering; you've made fun of the death of the person who I wished not to die in the war for, of one of the reasons why I fought for when everything was lost. You've made fun of my broken dreams, of my stomped hopes... but that's over. I won't tolerate...”, I pressed Blitz's soul, making her yell more and even cry, “any more offenses.”. I held the ghost with a hand, ripped Blitz's soul out of her fake body... and bit the soul with strength without breaking it. Part of my shadow moved into it, which made Blitz shout so loudly that she'd have been voiceless after that if she were human. My voice seemed to be a whisper at that moment… “You won't feel it ever again... Neither from your killings, from the recharges after work or from the touch or kisses of your boyfriend. Not getting pleasure from anything...”, I kept the white soul inside me and tossed Blitz, “If you try to kill me again... if you try to threaten me... if you have the smallest, the tiniest idea, of harming the people I care about... I'll destroy your soul until there's nothing left but ethereal dust fading...

Blitz fainted when I finished the sentence. I turned to my human form and walked away not saying a word as I wiped a last tear. After drying my feet, I put my boots on again and sat down. I was thinking of what I had perceived when I looked for Mexhor… Yes, I didn’t perceive him at all, but… there was something else. It was as if he had faded, but… he was still there. As if changed… “As if changed…”, I murmured and gasped. “That’s it!”

I stood up quickly. He told me once that when a person died, he divided into two beings, which reunited after both parts died. He had died and his other half had been eliminated before… “Oh, God!”, I covered my mouth. “He’s alive! HE’S ALIVE!”, a tear ran down my cheek as soon as I realized it. My heart beat again… “I knew it! I knew I was wrong!”, I cried of joy for a short time. There was still hope for me!

That day, I went to visit my friends, both from the mansion and from the human world, to tell them about my journey. I promised I would visit them once a week, during the weekend, and spend five days searching for my boyfriend. They wished me good luck and told me to be careful and tell them about my progress. I nodded and then said goodbye. Once in the Reflection Plane and with my two companions floating beside me, I looked for the aura I sensed while in the trance phase. I focused on it and mentally caught it while I opened a portal to an unknown world… I was impressed; I thought Dhorenthz could do that kind of things just with human’s plane.

Who knew where I’d arrive… and even still, fear wouldn’t stop me. I was going to keep my promise and find Mexhor, no matter where he was. I was fuelled with energy and hunger of adventures, of discovering and exploring new dimensions. It’d be dangerous, yet enjoyable. I was sure I would be a new, stronger person after that journey was over… I wanted to show him how much I’d have improved by the time we met again. I was excited; I was nervous… and happy. Very happy…

With a playful grin, I jumped into the unknown.
Eight Stained Clues - Final Chapter (2/2)
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A strong pain in my chest made me stop moving and let out a mute yell." was intentional.

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-There are a few hints to outer-story things, as she's referencing friends of hers which aren't at the mansion.

Eight Stained Clues – Final Chapter: a new chapter of my life

(Part 1)

The cellphone woke me up with its alarm. However, everything seemed sadder, darker, that morning of May. Birds didn’t chirp, wind didn’t blow, the sun was hiding among the clouds… It was kinda gloomy, which didn’t help me and my already low mood. Everything was quiet… or was I who couldn’t hear them? I had too many feelings, too many thoughts crossing my mind. I didn’t want to go; I wanted to stay in my bed, in my house, at a friend or my boyfriend’s house, anywhere! Anywhere except for the city we were going to assault that day. The fear I had pushed the night before came back crawling, sinking its claws in my skin and nerves, whispering with its gelid voice and making me want to cry. I was scared, terrified of never coming back. After all I had achieved, thinking that I could disappear in a second… in a flash… I covered my face with my hands and struggled to keep the tears. At that moment, just for a second, I wished I could have some kind of belief to think I had someone who was protecting me.

“Good morning, sweetheart.”

I opened my eyes and looked on my left. I showed a weak smile and took one of Mexhor’s hands. “Good morning, love.”, I said as happily as I could, yet I knew my eyes couldn’t lie to him. He guessed my thoughts and hugged me not saying a word. He didn’t need to and, anyway, no words could calm me down at that point. I hugged him tightly instead, clenching my fists and closing my eyes. “I… I’m not ready. What if I’m never back?”

“You will survive. I’ll be with you, remember? Also, you have got your team and your partners. You aren’t alone.”, he passed his thumb on my cheek to remove a tear that had managed to escape. “You’ve defeated your Shadow Self. That says a lot about you. The only problem will be the boss… but I know you can win. I’ve seen what you can do…”

“I hope you’re right…”, I looked down as I sighed.

“Just be careful.”, Mexhor smiled a bit and kissed my forehead, which I replied with another kiss yet on his lips.

“I will.”, I promised. I stayed still looking at his eyes silently. My mind wasn’t there: I had started to think of what we would do after the assault was over and we were back, just like the night before. I blinked and came back to reality, moment when I decided to get ready for the big day.

After putting my usual clothes on, we prepared breakfast, toasts with butter and strawberry jam along with a big glass of milk with some sugar. My mood was still low, but the sweet flavor of the jam and the crunchy toast improved it slightly –at least, I didn’t perceive the bitter taste I had woken up with- and I was able to make a small smile. I couldn’t help but wonder how the others were feeling at that moment. Would they be scared? Wishing to arrive? Was I the only one who was so down?

“This jam is really good~.”, I heard him saying, surely trying to distract me. “By the way, we need to buy more.”

“Alright, I’ll write it down to get some tomorrow.”, I nodded and took a pen and the list with my shadow.

As soon as I put both on the table again, I saw a small kind of fog appearing next to Mexhor. A second later, it was revealed it was Lasno, one of the Nobodies that accompanied him. He was small, about fifty centimeters tall. It seemed to be wearing a raged-stitched-grayed costume whereas his skin was coal-colored. The costume’s hood had two small pointed ears, the Nobodies’ symbol and a big stitched mouth. It was cut and sewed where the stomach would be, it had two arms lacking of hands shaped as whips and it covered the little one’s feet. He looked the same as its twin brother, Roby, and both were the closest friends my boy had. Normally, when they appeared, they jumped on their master or ran towards me happily, but that time he looked to be nervous. When Mexhor asked him what was wrong, Lasno used mimics to tell him the bad news: there were lots of heartless approaching to his group’s headquarters. His expression showed equally worry and indecision. I knew what stopped him of going with his mates…


“What?”, he turned to me visibly concerned. “Are you sure?”

“They need you. You’re only thirteen; we’re more than seventy, and without counting Zalgo’s servants. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. As you said, I won’t be alone.”, I showed a happier expression to enhance the message. Deep inside, I wanted him to come with me, but that was more important and I knew he would regret not going if something bad happened to the castle.


I stood up and walked to him. “Take care, please…”, I said with a low, sweet voice. He stood up as well and hugged me. “When we’re back, I’ll cook a delicious meal to celebrate victory!”, I looked up, quite blushed.

“Sounds good~.”, he said as he caressed my cheek. “If you’re in trouble, press the metal piece I gave you and think of my name, no matter if I’m still in my world.”, he added with a more serious tone but with the attractive look that enchanted me.

I nodded and, after that, I surrounded his neck with arms and approached to his ear. “I love you, honey~.”

Mexhor hugged me as well and gave me one of the sweetest smiles he had shown me. “I love you too, my Shadow Slayer~.”, he kissed my lips for some seconds and said goodbye before going.

I sighed again and took all my inner strength to stay calm. I dove into my shadow, which connected the kitchen with my room in Zalgo’s realm, and took all the items I could need: a bottle of Blue Liquid, another of Red Liquid, my flashlight, some bandages and the eight-sided metal piece Mexhor had mentioned. I pushed all my thoughts out of my mind to focus on the main mission: win the war… and make it out alive. Just when I was going to leave my bedroom, I received a message on my cellphone, one which had been sent to all the members at the same time. What I found out was… surprising. I grinned, closed the application and reunited the rest at the mansion’s entrance. The leader looked more serious than usual, creepier yet more confident. I was next to FEAR, on my left, and a blue-eyed, completely white girl named Crosshatch, who seemed to be calm despite the situation. Zalgo cleared his throat before talking at the whole group for the last time.

“Twelve years ago, this realm met a threat, a new enemy that surpassed humans’ actions: the Shadow Beings. They killed, stole, invaded part of our land and planned on spreading chaos by deposing me. They declared war on us and I called upon all of the beings to join my cause and fight the invaders back. Most of you chose standing on my side. From all those lives, only you have survived. They’re strong, they’re clever… but we’re better. We could keep them away and decimate their population. We could stop them and, this last year, we were able to turn things against them. We’re about to finish, we’re about to win… I’ve been with you all along this time and… I trust you. I trust your skills and your teamwork. Victory and peace are closer than ever. We’ll get our preys and belongings back… It’s victory or annihilation. No more training, no more mistakes. This is the last mission: end the conflict once for all. No prisoners.”

I saw Hunter holding Nemesis’ hand tighter and the female looking at him with a hint of worry. Hope was saying something lowly, but I couldn’t hear either her phrase or Author’s reply. Bleeding Cross decided that he wasn’t going to take in that mission and abandoned the group, so my team would be the smallest one. I, meanwhile, only took my cellphone out and looked at a photograph on my gallery, one in which my boy and I were standing at the crater of a volcano at an island. I stayed like that for some seconds before going back to reality, moment when I made my shadow come out from my body and stretch out a few times its normal size. It was time to begin with the plan.


I teleported at the city the map indicated as soon as everyone was ready. It was a modern city, similar to the biggest and more famous ones from North America, but there was something… odd with it. I found high edifications, crowded streets, pedestrian crosses, parks with people having a walk or taking the dog out, big ads, neon signs, cars going here and there, supermarkets and restaurants with lot of clients… Anything I had found in other places I had visited. The odd detail was… the sound, or more exactly, the lack of it. No one spoke, no one pronounced a single word; only the vehicles, the steps or anything which wasn’t coming from their vocal cords broke the silence. I couldn’t say the streets were noisy either, as claxons or loud noises weren’t present either. I had ended up in a quiet pseudo-New York… I couldn’t say I wasn’t expecting this, though: Dhorenthz loved silence and humans would erase his beloved quietness with their conversations, their shouts and their traffic jams. I looked at the inhabitants’ eyes to confirm what I had supposed the day we made the plan: all of them had purple eyes. Purple… Each person who fell on his control, or that overcame their Shadow Self, had that color for the rest of their life, no matter which hue one had before. He chose that color because it was his own natural one, a way to remind us that we belonged to him, that we were linked to his soul and we owed him our existence. Purple had become the color of slavery to me.

I stopped walking when I reached the biggest and the most crowded square I found. I took in a deep breath, closed my eyes and murmured the words that nulled the protective magic Zalgo had used on me. As soon as the Shadow Being detected my presence, they all turned their heads towards me and checked my soul. When they realized I was a Shadow Slayer, they ran towards me, just as I projected, yet none of them had weapons or used their elements to fight me. I only allowed them to catch me, putting some resistance, and let them take to the building where their leader was. I recalled the reunion while they put me the shackles and pushed me towards the objective: seven floors… including the roof. A nameless old company’s main offices more exactly… I guessed Dhorenthz had a kind of habit of choosing those as the placement of his headquarters. It was about fifteen minutes away from the square they “caught” me, after turning about a dozen of corners. 465, Thorn Avenue… There it was, the building in which my lifelong enemy was waiting. I had an urge of killing all the Shadow Beings that were keeping me, but I had to stick to the plan. I couldn’t ruin everything after all I had done to get there. One of the Shadow Beings, dressed as a policeman with a black uniform, opened the glass door and the other one pushed me with a hand quietly. “Walk, weapon.”, the second one, dressed as a browned-outfit officer, ordered with a neutral, lifeless tone. I glared at him but said nothing.

I kept my eyes closed for the rest of the time. I was focusing all my shadows inside me and calming down; I could guess who I was about to meet. I don’t know for how long we turned corners and walked through corridors… I had a strange feeling at that moment: I wanted to reach the end of that walk, but at the same time I just wanted to run away and forget about everything. I had waited for that moment since my life was ruined and then, when I was going to succeed, I was frightened. I couldn’t believe it… “Not time to sleep! Go in!”, the one on my right shouted before he pushed me with a hand. The door was closed behind me with a loud slam and darkness swallowed me… I gulped and kept my eyes closed until a voice broke the silence from the end of the room, which seemed to be quite big according to the voice’s sound. That voice… The one that was inserted in my mind, the one I remembered so well and would distinguish among a chore of millions… The lights were on and I opened my eyes to look at the man who was standing several meters away from me, between two Shadow Beings holding a spear. A single word escaped from my lips with a low tone, calm yet not hiding well the awakening rage that accelerated my heart beat and ignited the most basic instincts rooted in my nature.


He hadn’t changed from the last time I saw him, twelve years ago. His short, black hair, his slightly tanned skin, the serious and calm look, those amethyst eyes we shared, the black elegant and expensive jacket with a single golden button, the purple shirt, the coal pants that went well with his designer shoes… Everything was the same. It was as if he had been clung to time, both physically and mentally. Those attractive eyes that showed confidence and serenity hid the wicked intentions of the leader of the Shadow Beings, the lies and the bloodshed he had committed during his almost three-thousand-year reign. Despite his gentlemanliness and his physical attributes, he was a wolf, an everlasting hungry creature that sought for a way to perpetuate his dominion with brief stops if a pretty woman got into his eyesight. We both were Shadow Beings, but, unlike me, his power, influence, uncontrollable libido, thirst of blood and destruction and lack of moral principles to achieve his goals made of him the most dangerous opponent I had ever had in front of me. It was kinda surprising how an abandoned son of a hooker had gotten so far…

He cleared his throat. My fear was surpassed by my urges of finishing our long conflict at once and helping my ancestors to rest in peace… “There’s no turning back, Aerial…”, I thought in an attempt to retrieve my courage.

“It’s been twelve years since we last met…”, he said as he walked towards me. The guards were following him, but he raised a hand to indicate them to stop. “You’ve managed to escape from me for long. That requires skill…”, he stood a little less than a meter away and showed a small smile, “but now you’ve run right into my base…”, Dhorenthz approached a hand to my right cheek, but a shadow hand grabbed it before he touched me. He simply grinned and moved it away. “Weren’t you supposed to come in a group?”

“W-What?”, I opened my eyes widely. “You… You knew it?!”

“Of course, Angela.”, I growled when he said my true name, but I resisted and I didn’t punch him in the face. He turned around and some steps away as he spoke. “Remember that we’ve being enclosing your group for years… We know your moves and we’ve got our ways to steal information… I’m disappointed you haven’t noticed.”

“Your spies are pretty good…”, I looked down. He hummed and turned at me just in time to see me grinning, “but they have so much to learn…”

I broke the shackles with my shadow as it stretched out in a sigh. The Shadow Beings nearby took out their fire guns and shot at me, yet my shadow was strong enough to protect me and my companions that were coming out of it. I giggled slightly creepily when I saw all their surprised faces at the moment all the members emerged from my shadow. Those spies hadn’t received the message with the change of plans… Despite not liking Zalgo very much, I had to admit he had more sight than most of us and did it well.

“Stick to the plan!”, Zalgo put a hand on the floor and everyone who was outside of the shadow shield but Dhorenthz were corrupted and fell apart in a matter of seconds with agonizing screeches of pain. I could even hear one asking for mercy… Such a fool.

When all the Shadow Beings in the room were dead, Jeff opened the door, only to reveal more of them waiting for us. Jeff jumped away, but the closest enemy was already pointing at his head. However, the man was so focused that he didn’t notice Sadie flying towards him at high speed. It got possessed by the ghost and began shooting the rest of his partners, managing to kill two with a headshot and hurting three before he got shot. Meanwhile, the ghost possessed another body, Kagekao dashed towards one of the remaining guys and Hope slit a man’s throat with her katanas. The bullets were fast, but my partners were agile enough to dodge them by a narrow margin. It didn’t take them too long to slay them, as those didn’t have any powers. Dhorenthz used them as a simple distraction, like baits… He didn’t care much about powerless Shadow Beings. I knew we wouldn’t have problems at the first floors... Things would surely get worse when we were close.

“Good job.”, Zalgo cleared his throat before giving the orders. “Group one, you’ll stay at the first floor. Ensure that no one comes in. Baal, you’ll help them if necessary. Group two, you’ll go to the third floor. Kill anyone you find and take all the items that might be useful. Kagekao, Nemor, Stripes, you’ll go with them. Also, Sadie, we might need you moving from a floor for extra help. Group four, you’ll head to the fourth floor. Seek and destroy any enemy in your way and keep going up. We’ll be covering the building as you ascend. When you reach the last floor, tell the other groups. Hope, Neo, you’ll stay with them.”, both agreed and joined my group. “Nemesis, Hunter, you’ll be in my group.  We’ll be guarding the second floor, as well as the control room. If an enemy approaches, we’ll send you a message. Keep your mobile phones on in Silent Mode. The rest of the groups will stay in the nearby streets to keep supports away.”

Everyone left the room as fast as they could. In order to arrive faster, FEAR used her Nightmarish Gates to teleport us to our correspondent floor. As soon as we arrived, we heard some Shadow Beings warning the rest about our arrival, yet they didn’t have time to spread the word beyond the corridor. FEAR moved fast and shot two of them with her Gatling, Hope sunk one of her katana into a guard’s heart, Neo stabbed one nearby and smashed his head with the hammer and I beheaded a couple with an axe. As soon as FEAR tossed the bodies inside the portal, we kept moving. First of all, we had to clean the place…

“Should we divide?”, Author asked as he took out his pencil and notebook. He also had a small machine with the shape of a single headphone on his right ear, given by Zalgo so that he could get our enemies’ names, albeit it would only work for that mission.

“No, at least not until we ensure everyone’s dead. We’ll split to look for the stairs.”, Neo suggested. “That way, sudden attacks won’t be so effective. The more we are, the better we’ll defend.”

“Yeah, that sound better.”, the demon replied. Then, he hummed and looked around. “Hey, did you hear that?”

I paid attention to the surroundings but heard nothing. “No. What was it?”

“I dunno… It sounded like an angry animal.”

“I didn’t hear anything either,”, Neo added as she looked on her left. “but there might actually be something…”

FEAR spoke after recharging the Gatling. “In that case…”, she suddenly stopped talking and fell on the floor.

“What?”, Hope approached quickly to her and kneeled. “She’s unconscious… but how?”

“No idea.”, Author said… just before a thud was heard and he fell too.

One by one, all my partners were knocked out and ended up lying unconscious. When it was my turn, however, the lights bulbs went off gradually. I swore lowly as soon as the lights flickered and the place became darker and darker; it reminded me of the time I was kidnapped and the fight against those two Shadow Beings who tricked me with illusions, which made feel even more uncomfortable than I already was. I was left in the pitch black corridor, in the middle of an ephemeral silence, at the mercy of any armed opponent. What surprised me was the conversation I could hear, between the guys that were coming to help their already dead partners. They were confused, asking each other who had switched that floor’s power off without warning. I opened my eyes wider: hadn’t they done it? What was happening? Either way, I didn’t have time to think: a sound echoed in the corridor freezing my blood and the Shadow Beings’. One of them screamed and said they had to move before they were caught. I heard someone looking for a key in his keychain, but it fell off when a snarl was heard. I couldn’t see them, yet I didn’t need to… I could imagine their faces of horror at their upcoming and ensured death if they didn’t run away or hide. The man started to look for the keychain, only to have one of them kicking it by accident towards a direction they weren’t able to figure. Some coursing was heard, soon they quieted as the snarl got closer. I guessed the keychain was nearer to me; although, the risk of moving and grazing the guards was too high. Anyway, if I was lucky, I could gain some seconds to get it…

Another snarl, this time accompanied by a loud, constant scratch that approached alarmingly fast. I had to keep a shout with all my will when I recognized that sound… I gulped and felt a chill down my spine at the moment I realized why the guards were so scared. “No… The Rake!”

The sound of scratching seemed to be produced by its claws on the wall. It knew that anyone would stick to the wall and wait for it to pass by, so it simply stretched its claws out and chopped whoever was leaning against the walls. But it did not count on a detail: I could sit, or lie down on the floor. I did so in hope that I was right and waited. I covered my head with my arms, even if that wouldn’t keep it from being chopped off, and kept my breath as I calculated how far it was from me. The men screamed and ran away just when I heard the passing scratching above me as well as the faint smell of burnt of its claws. The men were caught three seconds later… Their yells of pain mingled with the sadistic noises that The Rake made, as well as the slashes and the blood splattering and the organs colliding against the walls. The odor reached me quickly, same as a still pounding heart that landed next to my head. I crawled silently looking for the keychain they dropped before with a trembling hand, object that wasn’t too far fortunately. After returning to the wall I had being leaning against, I waited for the creature to end its job while thinking of the situation. The lights were off, but they didn’t plan it. The Rake is attacking its own allies… maybe because it thought it was us or maybe because they had thought of releasing it once everyone was hiding at a safe place. If that was the case… someone had triggered the beast earlier than according… but what for? Why would they do that? Were they so desperate that they used their own soldier as baits? No, Shadow Beings except for Dhorenthz didn’t usually betray their own partners, especially when a Shadow Slayer was close. “Maybe… it is caused by someone else.

I heard The Rake running towards other people at the background, pretty far from my position. I sighed relief with my head on the wall, stayed still for some seconds to calm down and then returned to check how my partners were using my flashlight. It seemed they hadn’t been hurt and even one of them was waking up. Shee put a hand on the back of her head as she asked what had happened. “What happened to the lights? Where are the others? And this smell… Blood?”

“Someone switched them off only in this floor. They’re right next to you. Yes, The Rake passed and killed the guards. I don’t know if the rest of the Shadow Beings of this area have been killed too.”

“The Rake?! Argh… There was indeed something…”, I gave FEAR a hand so that she could stand up.

“Don’t speak too loud…”, I told Neo as I kneeled next to her. “The Rake’s here.”

Once everyone was ready to keep going, we started to look for the stairs. While we were doing our search, Hope asked the other members if they had electricity in their floor, whose answers were affirmative. “So, the problem’s here…”, she said as she put the cellphone back into her pocket.

“Weird…”, I murmured as I followed FEAR and Author.

“It’s likely that there’s someone manipulating the system.”, the blue demon suggested. “I think the controls were at the first floor.”

“I’ll tell Jeff and the others to fix the problem.”, Neo said while typing the message. When she was going to send it, she murmured something and pressed the button a few times. “Hey, it has shut down by itself! What the hell?”

“Same…”, Hope checked hers, as well as FEAR.

At that moment, I perceived as if a pincer had grabbed my stomach and pressed it for a moment, like when you remember something very important or had a big fright. I swore once and looked around in front of my partners’ surprised expressions. “Don’t tell me… she’s here too…”

“Who?”, Hope tilted her head. Then, she turned at Author, who had become pale blue. “Honey, are you ok?”

“No way!”, he replied. He had realized as well… “That ghost bitch is here?!”

The lights imploded with yellow and white sparks, the temperature dropped slightly and an invisible force pushed us to the walls. It was so strong that it disabled us of even moving a finger or breathe properly. As soon as she turned the corner, I growled at her… “You…”

She charged her fist with electricity, energy that produced enough light to see her grin and her dull silver eyes looking directly at me. “It’s been a long time, Aerial… Same to you, blue weirdo. Oh? You’ve got some new company… More prisoners to set free…~”, she laughed as she approached to Hope.

“Don’t dare to touch her!”, Author shouted. The only thing he got was a punch on his face and a discharge.

“I’ll kill you, whore!”, Hope’s eyes became bloody red and her fangs grew a little.

“You know? I’ll start with you and let your friend witness your deaths.”

Author’s eyes filled with rage at the same time some red energy wrapped his body. Later, some flames came out from the first ones and a low growl attracted Bitz’s attention. “What was her name?!”, he asked keeping his eyes on her.

“Blitz! Her name’s Blitz!”, I replied, moment when she got so mad that the few lights that had survived the previous implosion lit. Thanks to that, I could see what Author had planned.

Blitz had grabbed Hope’s head, but she stopped at the moment I pronounced her name. “Huh?”, she watched the pencil writing at high speed on a piece of paper floating in the air. “How is he writing without a support?”, she raised an eyebrow, but then she looked at herself when her body started to move on its own. “What? Hold on… SHIT!”

Blitz set us free and the lights went off again. She started to shout and make loud noises as she punched the walls and stomped the floor. “Quick, lie down on the floor!”, the blue demon told us. We did so… and we heard the scratching coming back. “See ya~!”

“No, no, wait!”, she heard The Rake running towards her. “WAIT!! I’m not the target!! Sto-”, the rest of the phrase was drowned by The Rake’s high pitched yell.

While The Rake was distracted with Blitz, we kept moving as fast as we could. The yells prolonged for the next minute, being so loud that even after turning several corners her voice still reached us faintly. I looked back for a moment, still running. “At least she won’t follow us anymore.”

“Hey, the stairs are there!”, Neo pointed at the door in which there was a label indicated the floor they led to.

After two attempts, my cellphone worked again and I was able to tell the others we were heading to the next floor. Zalgo sent a message to the group telling the one taking care of the first floor to come with us and ordered another one from the outside to take their place. We waited for the other group, which arrived pretty soon, and kept running until the next floor. When we opened the door and stepped in, we checked if there were people watching… Baal took some steps and focused. He stayed quiet for almost ten seconds. He opened his eyes quite disappointed. “How strange… There’s no one in this floor.”

“Really?”, Neo turned to him, “Maybe they’re waiting for us at the top floor.”

“Maybe that door thing is the answer.”, Hope said pointing at it with one of her katanas.

We approached to it with our weapons prepared in case of attack. It was quite big and wide, completely black, lacking of details and only five pale violet gems attached on its surface. As we got closer, we could hear some kind of mumbling, like someone talking to itself and even a few nervous giggles. The whispers quieted when we were a meter away and the gems became dull. A lock appeared on the latter ones, after which a tiny white dot shone inside them. Baal warned us and commanded the group to stay away, just before the gems started cracking.

“What the hell?”, Neo gripped her hammer tighter.

“A defensive spell…”, I murmured. “That thing’s a Shadow Being without a specific body. Be careful; it can shape-shift at will…”, I made a shadow axe and focused on the emerging enemy as my Soul powers wrapped me.

“Just leave it to me…”, Baal said.

“You sure”, I asked a bit skeptic.

It was really short: first, he charged some energy in both hands. The Shadow being shot more lasers, yet its limbs were chopped in a blink and finally beheaded after another, by simply creating claws and cutting through its neck with a single move. “Not bad.”, was the only thing I could say. I was quite shocked that it had been that easy, especially knowing how close we were to the top, but I didn’t mind it much when the door’s spell was broken. I perceived his soul, attracting us, threatening, awaiting… “Almost… I’m almost there… Freedom’s closer!”

Hope sent a message to the rest to tell them to reunite at that floor. When we were together, the rest of the way was easy: there were a lot of guards; not a big deal thanks to Slender Man and Zalgo’s power - the latter one didn’t even need to switch to his real form. Following The Observer’s indications, we found the stairs that would get us to the roof. At last…

“The last step to victory… Get ready.”, Zalgo said.

I ran upstairs, feeling my heart beating faster and faster as the distance that separated my destiny and I grew shorter. I perceived Dhorenthz’s energy calling me, wrapping mine and my partners’ like a hungry wolf. However, my own soul was strong and could keep his aura away from the team. I took in a deep breath and looked at my friends. On my right, Hope and Author were running as fast as I was, both with a serious expression. When they noticed I was looking at them, they grinned silently. I didn’t need words to understand them: “We’re almost there and we won’t fail, now that we got so far. Don’t be scared.” On my left, FEAR and Neo looked a bit more nervous, but they seemed ready for the battle too. “Come on, Angela, the final stage… This three thousand-long war will end today, whether the result is.”

Finally, the moonlight was visible through the space between the floor and the door steps away. Zalgo charged a pulse of dark energy and blasted the door with a loud darkness explosion. The door and the surroundings became rusty and decayed in a matter of seconds in front of some teammates’ surprised eyes, including myself. Then, our attention was drawn towards the lonely man that stood near the edge of the roof with a neutral expression and his eyes fixed on… me? No, he was probably looking at Zalgo, his target. Dhorenthz seemed calm despite seeing he’d have to confront more than twenty people alone… What was his plan? I gripped my scythe tighter and gritted my teeth. That sick calm behavior of his drew me insane. One could never guess where he would come from.

“Such a big group, Zalgo… Congratulations. You managed to manipulate so many…”

“I don’t need a thousand-soldier army to finish you… It’s strategy what makes empires fall.”

“Yes, it could be. However, strategies have got three main weak points that may shatter it…”, Dhorenthz raised three fingers as he enumerated each, “One: vast number superiority, which doesn’t apply in this occasion. Two:  a better strategy that foresees the enemy’s. And three…”

His eyes glowed slightly as the air became heavier and colder. Everyone looked around, feeling “something” watching them, hearing voices and even a few feeling hands on their skin. My heart stopped when I looked down and realized what he was going to do. I gasped in horror... “GET OUT OF HERE!”, I commanded them as fast as I could… but it was too late.

Dhorenthz released a chain of light that attached to everyone but Slender Man and me. “The last point is…”, he pulled with strength. “surprise factor.”

I watched horrified how the surroundings became grey and all my partners were swallowed into the portal. I couldn’t keep a scream at first, but I was unable to say anything afterwards. The team… had been dragged to the Reflection Plane… Even Zalgo, who had just a big wound on his chest, and Slender Man weren’t able to move of impression. My vision became blurrier due to the tears that attempted to escape from my eyes. I was mute, kneeling and looking at the glowing lights that were fading as they sunk in the portal. Dhorenthz’s eyes were fixed on me, this time for sure. He walked to me and only said a phrase: “Don’t make me wait, Rebel…”. Having said that, he dove into the portal that was below our feet. My eyes were facing what I had in front, but my mind was blank… Then, sadness took me over and I started to cry desperately with my hands covering my face. I didn’t care if the other two survivors were there and watched me crying, I wasn’t capable of keeping it inside. It had been so fast and I could do nothing to stop it…

“Aerial…”, Slender Man’s voice called me. I wiped the tears and looked at him while sobbing. “Lord Zalgo is able to keep the bodies and the souls linked for some time. Not all is lost yet if you’re fast enough.”

“You… You can do that?!”, a small hope was born in my heart.

“Yes, but I can keep it…”, the Lord coughed, “up to half an hour. Do you…”, he coughed again as he grabbed the wound, “Do you think you can… bring them back in that time?”

Determination made my sadness fade gradually. I stood up and clenched my fists with my lungs filled with air and lust for vengeance. “Yes, I can. There’s no time in that plane…”, I closed my eyes and let the air flow slowly out of my body along with my nerves and a few more tears. “If I don’t come back seconds after I go, it means I’m dead.”, I bowed my head and looked at them one last time. “Wish me luck if you want, but the winner’s name is already written…”, I sunk into the black portal down my feet quietly. “and it’ll be mine.
Eight Stained Clues - Final Chapter (1/2)
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Don't worry, part 2 will be submitted along with this one and not later :D I won't be THAT evil.


The end is near... 


I have to say that this chapter isn't as good as it will be in the game, as it is meant to be played, not read. And, since it's a first-person p.o.v. I can't tell much about the other characters that aren't with Aer'. However, they'll appear more often in the interactive version.

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Stripes © :iconchibi-works: (only mentioned, but still want to credit so that they don't think it's mine ^^U)

Crosshatch © I can't remember, but if someone knows, please tell me. Only mentioned, but *see above*

Neo © :iconsweetrevenge09:

Hope © :iconjeffthekillerfan56:

Baal © :iconone-life-remains:

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Kagekao © :icongingaakam:

Hunter (only mentioned) © :iconthe-cutecat:

Slender Man © :iconvictor-surge:

The rest © their respective owners

As I said, in the game you'll actually switch among the teams, so you'll see and even control these characters. And things will be longer than what Aer' tells...

I think I don't forget crediting anyone...
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This is the outfit Blitz wears when she's in Nightmare's world (or at least, before the creator decided to do a revamp to that OC's world): a neckerchief, a bullet-proof vest, a knife similar to this… and elbow guards. I might knee guards too in the final version. I'll likely use this Blitz for Links of the same chain, since she won't have any time to take them off before shit comes down. Not very different from her usual outfit; just with a few more things ^^U

I liked the description GarenaxMix gave about Blitz once a looooong time ago during an rp, so I decided to make an icon based on the time she soends with the soldiers of F.E.A.R. and the actions that take place at her boyfriend's world.

So... new icon for my avatar, lol.

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I've got an account at that website (but it wasn't until today that I actually submitted something.) You know? I've got some one-shots I'm heavily thinking of posting, but... I prefer keeping them out of my dA gallery, as they dont "fit" the main theme I've been always keeping since I logged in for the first time.

Right now, I only have got an "experiment" story (an import of Go to sleep, my first CP fanfic ever.) It can be read here →…

When I finish Iaeliad's story, I'll submit it in that website instead of here (as well as possible future works.)
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