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-Eight Stained Clues (Creepypasta fanfiction) Status: In process. Chapter 13 submitted. Chapters 2 and 4 are interactive short games. ESC Final Chapter will be an interactive part too.

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Freddy Fazbear walking icon
Such a long time I didn't make one of these! :D

If you're wondering if I'm gonna make more... I'll surely make Chica's icon. However, Bonnie and Foxy are more unlikely due to their height (I had to cut one pixel to Freddy so that he fit...)

Use it if you want :3

Freddy Fazbear & Five Nights at Freddy's © Scott Cawthon
The last day - Story Cover (Finished) by Lagoon-Sadnes
The last day - Story Cover (Finished)
Finished version of the lineart I submitted this morning.

I already explained stuff on the base thing, but I'll explain a bit of the context here too:

Aerial (who names herself as Traveler to strangers) is still looking for Homer (the human Mexhor became after dying.) When she's going to get into a world, she's attacked by a creature with a god-like power and attemps to escape. She gets into the portal, but the shockwave of the beam the monster shoots pushes her with a huge strength, so much that Aerial even faints. When she wakes up, she's in The world that never was, lost in the Realm Between. She wanders around the place, the castle, etc, and eventually reaches the roof, the moment the drawing shows.


Post-war Aerial: *removes the blindfold and looks at the sort-of moon. She sighes and bows her head* I miss your lunar eyes... your hair of the color of the woods I used to play at when I was a girl... your face in your sleep... *smiles* you always look so cute like that... I... I... miss your voice... 

*tries to keep her tears* I... wish I could have said goodbye... that I could have... apologized for any bad thing I did to you... and... that I could have thanked you... for the marvellous time we spent...

*wipes the tears with a hand and looks at the shattered moon made of hearts again* I want to tell you all the places I've visited, all the people I've met, the worlds I saved, the enemies I've slain, the things I've learnt all along the way... I want to tell you of the time I was a mermaid, a caracal, a linx, a squirrel, a ragdoll... and take you to those worlds, explore them together as we promised, with Roby and Lasno *smiles a bit wider and sincerely* I want to... meet you soon... and share all my experiences while we're sitting in our sofa, having a meal... You will choose which one :) I know I'm close to find you... I won't surrender now!

*the sky starts cracking* She's arrived... *holds the piece of metal of her pendant in her hands, thinking of him* The Eraser has arrived to our timeline... to the last one. It's time for the final fight. It's victory or death...  

Wish me luck.</i>


Aerial, art © Me

Kingdom Hearts © Square Enix

Mexhor/Homer (this man) My Kingdom Heart OC: Mexhor the ex-number XIII © Baka2niisan (Even if he's only mentioned in the description, someone who doesn't follow me might think the OC's mine too, so I prefer crediting even if those cases.)

I can't remember who made the brushes I used in this pic ;-;

Rock texture © Jiko-Stock
Base for a future drawing by Lagoon-Sadnes
Base for a future drawing
Base for the cover of "The Last Day". More details about the story in the finished deviation's description.

There are a few things here which shall be fixed on Photoshop, such as the floor's angle or Aer's body... as well as adding the giant floating heart she's supposed to be watching (Kingdom Hearts.) If you've read "A traveler in an apocalypse", then you know what she's doing in The world that never was; if you haven't... well, then you obviously don't know how or why she's there, lol.

Aerial © me

The world that never was, KH © Square Enix

And now... I'll go. It's very late herzzzzz...


Illuminarium by overseer

I've seen some other images of planets and space views, but this is by far one of the best ones I've found. It's clear that you've spen...

mage 0f d0om by ComoQuiera

I'm not a native, but I'll try my best: The first thing that I saw were his wings. I've seen some other drawings of God Tier Sollux, bu...

Have I ever mentioned that I like roleplaying?

Blitz: Yup. In many journals ¬¬

Me: ... *clears throat* I can (and will from now) rp in journals, profiles and notes. I sometimes like writing a fanfic related to a scene from a roleplay (and I have already done that), if the OC's owner doesn't mind that is. Also, I can rp with fandom characters or original ones, with some exceptions. Just tell me a bit about your OC and I will suggest the OC('s) that can be the best option.

About the OC's I use, these are:

-Aerial Balshe (don't rp with this one if your OC is religious.) Bullet; Yellow 

-Blitz (A ghost.) Bullet; Red

-Lain (TWEWY OC.) Bullet; Red 

-Lagoon (fantroll. Homestuck OC.) Bullet; Green 

-Lixena (my strongest OC; if you don't like too op characters, then don't pick this one.) Bullet; Black 

-Rhiela. Bullet; Green 

-Delivan. Bullet; Green 

-D.A.R.I.V. (TRON OC.) Bullet; Yellow 

-Trian. Bullet; Yellow 

-Irhia (watch out: this one's a huge perv.) Bullet; Yellow 

-Xhers (a 6-year-old kid.) Bullet; Green 

-Eon. Bullet; Green 

-Dhorenthz  Bullet; Red 

-Náyola Bullet; Green and/or her brothers, Lance Bullet; Yellow  and Khore Bullet; Green .

-Nestfil (Lixena's couple -not husband- and Náyola, Lance and Khore's father.) Bullet; Green 

-Suishou (Arrancar; Privaron Espada.)  Bullet; Red 

-Purple Light Beam (she doesn't speak because she doesn't want to.) Bullet; Yellow 

-Oblivion (it's mute.)  Bullet; Red 

-Seller; real name is unknown. (He's a perfumist; be careful with this one.) Bullet; Blue

-Nicarion (A Yhe'zak that an manipulate memories.) Bullet; Green

-Gerah (an angel that hates demons above all; she controls wind skillfully.) Bullet; Red (If your OC is a demon; Bullet; Yellow if it isn't.)

Bullet; Black  → Lethal.
Bullet; Red  → Dangerous.
Bullet; Yellow  → Calm but can still be dangerous when pissed.
Bullet; Blue → Isn't a threat if you do what it wants.
Bullet; Green  → Very kind and helpful; won't attack your OC unless it's a threat.

I'll add more OC's in the future when they're ready.
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No se como lo ha hecho el tío para que de más miedo.
Lagoon-Sadnes Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
;_; *en el suelo* x_x

Foxy me hizo dar un respingo... No lo vi venir.
Mira el lado bueno, ¡Foxy vuelve! (tira confeti)

Pues parece que van a estar a la vez los nuevos y los viejos (solo que estos estarán hechos mierda, y me imagino que serán más difíciles que los nuevos)

Algo que también me ha llamado la atención es que en una imagen se ve al prota con la mascara de Freddy y a Foxy delante, pero no le ataca. Pero en el vídeo, Foxy le salta encima sin que le de tiempo a ponerse la máscara. Si no hay puertas, ¿que otras formas habrá de defenderse (por dios, que nos dejen darles de hostias, todos les tenemos ganas)
Lagoon-Sadnes Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
¡Yay! :dummy:

Jajajaja xD Dudo que gane el guarda dándole ostias a algo hecho de metal...

Bueno, por lo que he leído, los nuevos animatronics tienen reconocimiento facial, así que hay gente que especula que:

-Antiguos animatronics + máscara = Vives.

-Idem sin máscara = Mueres.

Y con los nuevos sería al revés. Si los nuevos te ven con máscara, tratarán de desmantelarte, con lo que ello conlleva...
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do you do commissions?
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Yes, but they're closed by the time being... ^^U
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Invitation to a roleplay, yo' want? .3.
Lagoon-Sadnes Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Venga :D Lo malo es que me tengo que acostar ya ^^; Responderé mañana.
GarenaxMix Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Xhers: *jugando con un muñeco de polvo y un cochecito* Bruuummm, bruuummm  :)
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